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SMH Canada Ltd. since 1983

We have been serving the Canadian consumers as a distributor of Bigen™ Hair Color for the past 20 years in addition to a board range of healthcare products.

Bigen™ Hair Color is the leading Brand in Japan and many Asian countries, and has been so for well over 50 years. This continuous success reflects on the century long passion and commitment to quality and research by the Manufacturer, Hoyu Co. Ltd.

Bigen™ Hair Color is the only hair color we distribute. We find great fulfillment in serving the ever increasing number of Canadians choosing what we find to be the most effective and convenient Hair Color. We all know that consumer feedback is the key to continuous success for any products. Please spare some time to email us any comments and suggestion that you may have to help us, and the manufacturer to serve you better.

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Your distributor of Bigen™ Hair Color in Canada,
SMH Canada Ltd.

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Our customer hotline has established over a decade. We answer to you, address to your concerns and listen to your needs. Your opinion will be treasured and relied on to guide us in product development and to provide better service to you.

Customer Hotline: (416) 532-3967